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nats of race and engines enginesthe baltimore grand prix is a wrap!the driver that took home the championship... and what organziers are doing &pto make sure you have a smoot commute... tomorrow. a serious case of school pullying ... caught on video. where it happened..and the center of the episode.he 3nats. nats. and a scary scene at a mmnster truck race...what that injured several people... and it's all ccught on tape. 3
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3 today is monday, septembee 3. - labor day!
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3 the cars are gone...the barriers are taken down...and the second grand prix of baltimore... is now in the history books. books.just minutes after the race ended... workers started breaking down the track nnar camden yards.this is videooour crew shot... of workers taking down fences.organizers say it's all part of the promise to the city, to be as friendly as possible to neighbors, commmters, and businesses. grand prix organizers say this year's attendance was less than last year's... but they're happy with the only putting the race together in three months. tim mayer, general manager, baltimore grand prix: 31.27 "that's not unusual for a motorsports event. the first year, everyone has curiosity and comes out."sampson zewde: 47.50 "definitely puts the city onnthe map with such n exciting event."mike lowrey:
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"this is our second year here. we had a ball. we'll come back again next year, if we have it." it."andretti motorsports is already busy planning next years race should be business as usual for tomorrow morning's owntown commute when people head back to work after the for the 22 million pounds of concrete and 22 hundred steel fence panels... all of it will be hauled out of here within the next two weeks. as for the actual race ... ryan hunter-reay is the winner of the 2012 bbatimore grand pri. prix.hh claimed victory yesterday after an exciting, competitive and controversial race.the winner wasn't decided until the ffnal lap. hunter-reay sped past ryan briscoe... stirring controversy as to whether he accelerated too the end... hunter -reay holds off the pack... to win the second baltimore grand prix. there were dozens of creative grand prix cars onnthe track... but one was special to baltimore... paying tribute to a businessman who was
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killed recently in a bike close look at the side of this can see natty boh with a tear coming from his eye.the artwork is in memory of patrick scunny mccusker... the owner of nacho mama's in canton. the driver tells us he was grateful to drive the car. "i would like to thank friends donated this car to me so i can drive in memory oo scunny i was very veryyhonored when they offered me and asked me if i could do that for them i felt very very privilege." privilege." he never met áscunnyá.... but says it's obvious he was a man loved by many. 3 the parents of the teen who was shot on the first dayyof school at perry hall high school... are now speaking out. out.their on... daniil... who suffers from down syndrome... was shot in the lower back by another student with a doubled barrelld shotgun. the
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suspect... 15-year-old robert gladden wrote on his faccbbok page that morning... "first day of school... last day of my life"inside his back pack was a shotgun... 21 rounds of ammo and a bottle of vodka. daniel's parents are now asking other parents to monitor what their kids do online. "i hope he gets the help hee needs ii not trying to be forgiving becausee we're hurting my son is hurting but hat's for the legal system for the police for the lawyers for the judges for all them to do what they need tt do." do."daniel suffered a bruised lung, a fractured rib and still being treated at shock trauma.gladden will be charged as an adult with attempted murder and other charges. daniel's church is planning a celebration... when the teen
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returns to worship there. the centerá says it'll be a day to honor im and a day to thank the lord. the church is also raising money to help the family with medical expenses. for fox 45's compllte coverage of the peery hall high school shooting, go to our website, fox baltimore dot com and look for perry hall shooting under the hot topiis banner at the top of the page. a two-alarm fireeheavily damaged a baltimore county crab house.. that is a landmark in the dundalk neighbo. for the baltimore county fire department says an employee of ross' crab house noticed a fire in the restaurant's basement at abbut 7:30 sunday night. six employees and 15 custommrs who were in the place... safely got out. and a fire engine that was a block later.firefighters were able e - tt contain it.. the cause of the fire was not immediately known. one firefighter was treated for elevaaed blood pressure. a 22-year old woman is shot
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east baltimore.this morning... the unman. shot in the chesttearly yesterday morning... while a house on the alameda near f - richnor avenue. police don'tt think amos was the intended taaget...but they're not saying anything about a motive or suspect yet. two stabbings at two different baltimore county bars leave two men dead over the weekend. early saturday morning... tavares jones... aa employee at átee bee's placeá on darlington drive and oakleigh road was stabbed several times after breaking up a fight inside the bar. police are still searching for suspects in that stabbing.the second incident happend around 2 a-m yesterday.police were called to the scene oo eastern boulevard near rolling mill road where darryl lovellette jr... was stabbed to death in a parking lot next to... sinix bar. a suspect in that case has been arrestedd theeman shot by police late saturday night in northeast baltimore... remains in critical but stable condition.
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detectives saw an armed man sitting on the steps of house at east lorraine and greenmount avenue. when they approachee him, police say he ran inside and drew a handgun &ptowardsspolice. officers then fired... stricking the man several times in the lower part of his body. "this was somebody that matched the characteristics of an armed person. they saw his behavior looked like he was carrying something that might these officers are speciaaized officers their trained to look for bad guys with guns that's exactly what they did in this case theeindividual pointed a returned fire in defense." defense."the man is expected a virginia man is now accused of preying on a 12-year-old giil afttr they found disturbing evidenne in his car. montgomeryycounty police say... nathan portnoy... wass involved in a 3-month online &prelationship with a girl who pas pretending to be aa adult. the two met up last friday in fortunately a family member who saw the two in a car together... called the girl's
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cellphone and she was able to get away safely.police were then abel to catch up with portnoy.listen to what they found in his car... "some people might call it a rape kii there was a mask there was implements to bind somebody if they were used that way." way."police say he also had a hand gun and several boxes of connoms.portnoy is still in police custodd. 3 just daas after aaceeting the republican nomination... mitt romney's twitter account crosses the one-million mark. in a tweet... his campaign thanked followers for their support and made a point of calling the one-million followers "active." meanwhile... the white house's aggressive push to appeal to twitter users has generated a much bigger following. president obama's campaign twitter followers. meanwhile romney and hhsswife, ann, attended church sunday
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morning in new hampshire.the hotel magnate spoke out... helping to change america's reporters who attended the service say romney didn't show much visible reaction to the remarks. the obama administration is now releasing the recipe for its homemade beer. white house head chef... sam kass... posted the recipe for 2 beers brewed at 1600 pennsylvania avenue: the white house honey ale and honey porter. both beers are made using honey harvested from the white house bee hive.the recipe releass comes after some pressure from the online home brewing community that included a petition on the white house website and a freedom of information act request. 3 for those stillltrying to
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hang onto summer just a little bit longgr..... the maryland state fair has one more day to . go. joel d. smith ii live there now with some of the highlights still to come, and what happens to those who tried to go to the big concert that got cancelled saturday. good morning joel d. 3 30:06-30:111", 2, 1.. eat.. and they're 3ff." off.""3, 2, 1.. eat.. and they're 30:06-30:11"3, 2, 1.. eet.. and they're 3off."
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one of the more anticipated in. events at the state fair... the eating contest.the food of choice.... roma's ed reee chicken sausage links. competitors had 5 minutes to doww six ssusage links.the fastest one to eat the linkss ... wins. 34:31-34:44"" didn't expect it to be close because i was in their natty boh and i did except for one personni have.. my time is like 2 minutes better than anyone elses sooi didn't really expect it to be close. it's certainly better for the crowd when it's close." close."that was joe menchetti... the winner.he got 2 tickets to a ravens game, 100- dollar gift certificate, 100- dollars in cash and 20 more pounds of the sausage he just scarfed own. 3 3
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3 a serious and disturbing case of school bullying is caught on video... video...we'll tell you the shocking person who is partici. parttcipating. ((break 1))
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get your cash back. chase freedom. this iss't a scene from aa horror movie... it's footage long worm was found in the gutter of a home in southwest china. the perron who first spotted it thought it was a snake. biologists plan to ssudy the creature to figgre oot exactly what type it ii and how it grew so bbg. ((2-shot toss to weather)) 3 ((ad lib meteorologist))
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3 a new hybrid .. hitting the roa. roads.the two major automakers.. .teammng up on the vehicle..and how much it wiil cost you. you.and latee...some newly- released emails... paint a shocking portrait of michael jackson... how concert acting... just months before his death. ((bump out))
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3 & a serious case of school bullying ... caught on video at a washington state middle school in february.and while the incident is disturbing, even more disturbing is the personnat the center of the reports... the school district ii still dealing with the fallout as authorities nvvstig. investigate. --repooter pkg-as follows -- (nats)this is cellphoneevideo &pshot by students during a class at kopachuck middle school last february. e got a copy from an attorney but agreed not to show the kid's faces. she's representing the 13 yeer old boy on the floor, covered p by was a teacher-led buulying incident
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of epic proportions.joan mell not revealiig the boy's name she says they are all ily. but - traumatized by what happened under the classroom supervision of teacher john rosi.the teacher poked him in around and put his bottom up placed on his face where he -- couldn't breathe forrsevvral seconds. he had his own socks shoved into his mouth.the peninnull school district sayy it got a look at those videos righttafter the incidentti was horrified by what i saw.and acted quickly.we immediatelyy placed the teacher on leave. after an internnl innestigation, rosi was ssspended for ten days, reassigned as a substitute ttacher for the rest of the classroom mmnagement traaning, and assigned to a differentt middle school this fall.wee took what we think is pretty significant disciplinary action against the teacher.we were not able to contacttthe teacher y phone, but in a district, john rosi apologized after the incident. explaining he didn't view the incident as-quote-anything more than
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harmless childhood horse play. but the boy's attorney says the teen hasn't been able to return to ccass after the incident, has switched schools and required psychiatric theeapy the school did not reeort the incident to authorities...but the sheriff's department did find out and is now investigating.the district says it's cooperating with the investigation. two automakers team make the ultimaae hybrid. hybrid.the name of the do!nats! nats! and later...a monster truck race takes a turn for the worse.what happened... leaving several people injured. ((break 3))
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anncr: it'll start out as concrete and steel... but it'll become so much more. a new world-class resort casino in maryland. two thousand construction jobs to build it.
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four thousand permanent, good-paying jobs when it's done. hundreds of millions for maryland schools... real oversight to make sure the money goes... where it's supposed to. but none of it will happen unless we vote for... question seven this november. vote for question seven. and help build a better future for maryland. toyota and subaru are teaming
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up for the next big thing... a new hybrid car. gary gasteel takes a look at the latest modell.. nd how much it'll cost for yoo get your hands on one. one. it's the most anticipated pybrid car of the year, but not the kind you're thinking of.gasselu says: "not even is the product of a joint venture beeweee toyotaaand subaru that had the humble goal of building the best world. good to see they didn't set the bar too high for themselves."to clear it, they kept the car small, and its weight low.this allows the rear-drive coupe to get by with a 200 hp flat-four cylinder. tuuked way down in the chassis, the placemmnt of &pthe motor helps give the fr-s a extremely low center of gravity which translates into excellent's precise steering is practically hardwired inno your brain, and everything is perfectly placed in the cabin, incllding the gear selector for the close-ratio six-speed transmiision and the emergency brake leverr not for parking, but for doing this.the fr-s is
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something of a tribute to the rear-drive toyota corolla coupes of the 1980's whicc are ptill popular among professional drifters, so it traction and stability control systems are sport tuned, but can can e disabled indeeendently to turn up the fun even more.if you don't count the subaru version, called the brz, the fr-s comee in just one model at a no- haggle price of twentt-five phousand dollars. the only options are an upgraded stereo and an automatic trrnsmission, if you actually consider the latter an option.but for all of it's sporting intentions, the fr-s is a surprisingly practical car with great pisibility, useable bbck seats, a comfortable on road ride and reasonable fuel economy, thanks in part to some help rom anotter hybrid. not, those are the same tires you can gee on a toyota prius, chose here not just because of their ride quality and efficiency, but also becauue they're a little bit slippery, which helps you do this."at
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